Our product range includes a standard range of pipes, mouldings and distribution systems with diameters of 80 to 710 mm made from 1 - 3 mm mild steel (powder coated or galvanized) and 1 - 2 mm stainless steel as well as associated connection components.

The entire periphery for the construction of a modular pipeline is included in our delivery program - everything you need for a aspiration or bulk material line. A combination of components from the standard program with custom-made products can be easily realized by us.

The modular principle of our products enables an uncomplicated assembly and quick exchangeability
Through automated production processes, we ensure consistently high quality and high product availability.

Our products are in a worldwide use in numerous fields of application, industries and for a wide range of media.



Pipes | Insertion pipes | Welding ends

Connection Components

Clamping rings | Flanges | Sealings

Bends & Segments

Segments | Adjustable elbows | Bends

Branch Pieces

Y-pieces | Symmetrical Y-pieces | T-pieces


Conical pieces | Connection stubs | Transition pieces

Inspection Components

Inspection spouts | Inspection pipes | Cleaning pipes | Plexiglass pipes

Dead Boxes | Baffle Pots

Dead boxes | Baffle pots

Exhaust Components

Exhaust pipes | Rain hoods | Deflecting hoods

Regulating and Shut-Off Valves

Throttle valves | Stop valves | Bagging valves | Non-return valves | Sickle gates | Air regulator gates | Pipe regulator gates | Pipe gates | Silo outlet gates | Redler outlet gates

Two-way Valves

Two-way valves with interior collar | Two-way valves with flap seal | Modular two-way valves

Multi-Way Distributors

Rotary distributor heads | Double rotary distributor heads | Rotational pipe switches


Rubber caps | Cap locks | Bagging spouts | Sack clasps | Switch device | Hose connection | Spiral hose clamps | Spiral hoses | Blanking Covers | Perforated grids | Rain collars | Ceiling ducts | Wall rosettes | Auxiliary air throttles | Auxiliary air covers

Potential Equalisation

Earthing bolts | Earthing wires | Earthing lugs

Assembly Material

Pipe calmps | Clamping brackets | Threaded bars | Hanger bolts | Metric hexagon nuts | Beam clamps | Colour sprays | Screwdrivers | Sealing cord | Flanging tools | Bolting sets