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Our sales team

Your personal contacts for inquiries, orders, problem solutions and other concerns.

To meet your requirements in the best possible way and to respond to your needs and wishes we will be happy to advise you on our wide range of high-quality products.

We do not only want to satisfy you.
We fully want to convince you of NORO GmbH!

Por­t­rait Sascha Schröder

Sascha Schröder

Sales Manager | Authorised Signatory

Fon +49 5446 20636-25

Por­t­rät Janina Vornhagen

Janina Fränzel

Key Account Manager

Fon +49 5446 20636-24

Porträt Chantal Senk

Chantal Senk

Key Account Manager

Fon +49 5446 20636-27

Por­t­rät Daniel Goncaruk

Daniel Haffner

Key Account Manager

Fon +49 5446 20636-28

Portrait L. Kolkhorst

Lea Kolkhorst

Key Account Manager

Fon +49 5446 20636-16

Portrait L. Tiedemann

Lara Tiedemann

Key Account Manager

Fon +49 5446 20636-22

Portrait H. Geike

Hannah Geike

Key Account Manager

Fon +49 5446 20636-26

Por­t­rät Jenny Seiberlich

Jenny Seiberlich

Key Account Manager

Fon +49 5446 20636-23

Further contacts

Por­t­rät Axel Havekost

Axel Havekost

Managing Director
Dipl. Commercial Engineer

Por­t­rät Sianka Kochan

Sianka Kochan

Head of HR

Por­t­rät Markus Kaddatz

Markus Kaddatz

Operation Manager | Authorised Signatory

Por­t­rät Christian Leichnitz

Christian Leichnitz

Product Management

Por­t­rät Janine Hanking

Janine Hanking

Marketing & Public Relations
Customer Service

Por­t­rät Renate Cordes

Renate Cordes

Financial Accounting

Por­t­rät Lara Feußahrens

Lara Feußahrens


Portrait L. Niedermowe

Lea Niedermowe


Portrait K. Hoffmann

Kerstin Hoffmann


Portrait M. Kloecker

Maren Klöcker


Portrait S. Rajes

Stephanie Rajes


Por­t­rät Maurice Uhe

Maurice Uhe

Technical Manager

Por­t­rät Kevin Schlüter

Kevin Schlüter

Logistics Manager

Por­t­rät Michaela Schütte

Michaela Schütte


Por­t­rät Marc Pallentien

Marc Pallentien


Sales partners

To offer you direct contacts on the international market, we work together with reliable partners.

Not only our products, but also we as a team are SOLIDLY CONNECTED!
Well networked and firmly connected.

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