Product group: Pipes

Do you drink coffee ☕️ or cacao in the morning and eat some 🌾 cereals? And do you have noodles or rice 🍚 on your plate at lunch sometimes? Then you already know 5 products that flow through our pipes! 🤩

Pipes, insertion pipes and welding ends – these products belong to our product group „Pipes“.

At first glance, it seems totally boring and uninteresting. But once you find out what's flowing through these pipes, it's a whole different story! 😉

Our pipes are suitable for a wide range of application areas. They are used in bulk lines, for example for the transport of foodstuffs, animal feed, seeds, plastic granules or building materials. They can also be used in ventilation ducts for ventilation, exhaust or extraction.

Our pipes are available with a diameters of 80 - 630 mm made from mild steel (1 - 3 mm | powder coated or galvanized) and stainless steel (1 - 2 mm | shoot-blasted).

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Date: 16/5/23